I’m Valentina, a 25 years old girl from Italy. After some years caressing the thought of 10556317_1459207014364052_2408144823058139475_nstarting my own blog, I finally decided to give it a try!

I’m passionate about travelling and photography and in love with life! I started travelling with my parents around Europe in a caravan, later on I went solo for a fortnight every summer.

During my university years my need to fly away went from a spark to a fire, and I spent one year living in Malaga and visiting Spain.

Last year I finally had the occasion to spend two amazing months roadtripping around Australia with my little sis, and now I just can’t wait for my next adventure!

I’d like to share my experiences, and I hope they can be helpful to others, providing tips or inspiration 😉

If you’d like to follow my journey.. stay tuned!